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Fall 2015
Paul Mullins

Every student will present one week's readings.  Presenters should summarize the readings' main points, assess their strengths and weaknesses, and provide some initial ideas to guide the discussion.  All students will be prepared to participate in class discussions of the readings, so the presenter's duty is to begin that discussion.  You must prepare a Powerpoint on the reading to present in class.  You absolutely must pose at least three questions for the class at the end of the presentation.   

Readings are assigned on a voluntary basis:  if you do not volunteer to present one of the readings by August 31st, I will assign you to one at random that evening.  

Please pay very close attention to the reading for which you are volunteering to present.  The line ABOVE the reading indicates the person who is presenting that reading:  please do not get confused and prepare the wrong reading for class.


Sept. 21

   Sherry Link                                                                                  


Sept. 28

     Ali Kohlmeyer                                                                                

Oct. 5


   Danielle Hornberger                                                                                 

Oct. 12



 Oct. 26

    Jeff Osborn                                                                                 

Nov. 2

    Greg Hess                                                                                

Nov. 9


Nov. 16

     Erin Donovan                                                                                

Nov. 23

    Angel Okray                                                                                

Nov. 30

     Rachel Alexander                                                                                

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